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Gastroenterology Billing: Advantedge Healthcare Solutions (AHS)

Advantedge Healthcare Solutions (AHS) is the leader in Medical Billing and Medical Billing Software. AHS was founded in 1999 by long-time veterans of the healthcare information technology industry. We proudly serve physicians and medical billing companies in many specialties. Our customers experience increased net collections, 98%+, reductions in Accounts Receivable, and a large jump in productivity.

AHS knows you have already streamlined operations, trained your staff, and established compliance procedures. And invested more in “technology” than you care to calculate. But in
today’s world, this isn’t enough.

AHS is unique because we both develop and use medical billing technology. Hands-on billing experience is reflected immediately in AHS software, using highly reliable IBM System i technology. Clients automatically get all enhancements, code updates, and productivity improvements.

AHS Medical Billing Expertise
Early experience with complex hospital-based radiology practices lead to expertise in linking hospital systems and medical billing software. By working closely with these radiology practices, RIS and other radiology report sources were also linked. Today, AHS is able to code directly from radiology reports using a combination of artificial intelligence and workflow technologies. This is just one example of how AHS grew by using high-tech solutions to drive billing productivity.

AHS success led to investments by Founders Equity and Safeguard Scientifics. Both focus on investments in firms transforming the healthcare industry in the 21st century.

At AHS, the unique combination of deep and current medical billing experience with the latest in billing technology has led to workflow-driven software now available to medical billing companies and specialty practices across the US. Running on the highly reliable IBM System i, AHS technology provides medical billing power at a surprisingly affordable cost.

The Case for AHS

Physicians and their medical billing partners face complex and time-consuming third-party reimbursement processes, government and industry initiatives to control the rising cost of healthcare, increasing volumes of bad debts and late payments, and pressures to affiliate.

Information technology is critical in meeting these challenges. But technology is advancing so quickly that many organizations cannot keep up or afford the price of re-engineering existing systems. Physicians, after all, want to concentrate on providing quality care. Medical billing companies want to efficiently submit claims and process payments. They do not want to be systems developers or pioneers of new technology.

AHS: 30 Years of Client Success in Medical Billing
With 30 years of developing and perfecting billing technology, 20 years on the powerful IBM System i, and a support team of revenue cycle management and compliance professionals, AHS provides clients with the tools to realize more revenue, greater productivity, and reduced A/R. All with secure regulatory compliance.

Deep Medical Office Expertise
AHS is not only the developer but also the largest user of its own technology. We understand the day-to-day reality of the medical office, which is clearly reflected in our Virtual Manager software functionality.

Medical Billing Software Driven by Productivity
We have applied our years of industry knowledge to developing feature-rich, scalable software, driven by the needs of the medical billing professional. The software derives from an optimized workflow. We are consistently ahead of the curve in functionality, development and reliability. More importantly, our results speak for themselves. Productivity double that of industry averages. Net collections consistently above 98%. Accounts Receivable reduced by 14 days and more.


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